Planning an Adventure

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I think the economy is taking it’s toll on alot of people these days, myself included. I saw it coming and did everything I could to prepare, but here I am unemployed. Its kind of depressing, but I like to think positive. Anyways since my car was on its last leg, I donated her to a charity, and since I’m an adventurist with nothing left to lose, I’ve decided that at the end of the summer I’m going to embark on probably my last journey which could last a very long time.

I’ve always wanted to discover the northwestern United States, and any friend that has ever gone there has never come back other than to visit. And hopefully Alaska will also come into the picture eventually. What better places are there to write about animals, nature and people than here! This has always captured my attention and kept me positively thinking. Negativity only gets you to a worse place faster, which is why I keep it out of my blogs.

America is a great country and will always be if our peoples keep faith and continue to move forward the best they can. We all make mistakes, as long as learn from them we will continue in a positive manner.While in the US Army, I was stationed in Germany for a couple years, I found most Europeans were very family oriented and also up to date on world diplomacies, and they opened my eyes to alot of things I never blinked an eye at before. They woke me up and I thank them for that. Germany, for all the bad things they’ve been blamed for, has emerged into a very caring nation in this day and age which is probably why most of our American bases have closed down there. I will always remember my time there and the excellent people I befriended.But I still love the USA best of all and hope to tell all of you about it in the future. Maybe even meet some of ya’all. I will still be writing my regular posts until I go on my adventure, I just wanted to let you know my future plans. I hope you’re all having a great week! Talk to you soon.

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