Oh My God. A Pimple!

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A few weeks ago, my friend had “a scary zit,” as she called it. Pimple or acne, every girls’ nightmare. I remembered I had acne when I was a teen but I managed to clear my face carefully, so I have no longer to face these large, red, nasty, gross pimples. She asked me for few suggestions for her because I am good at beauty stuff.

Let me share with you tricks to fight with serious pimples.

1. Worry Less
We all get them. They always the center of attention. You are spending hours in front of the mirror touching them and asking yourself “How did i do it? How did i get my skin so clear of Acne?” The bad news is, the more you’re going to care for your skin with constant touching, the worse your acne will become. Rubbing pimples usually creates new blemishes rather than eliminating old ones. The first thing would be worry less, you need not worry about it too much, just let it be.

2. Rubbing Alcohol on Acne Skin
This worked for me amazingly. I noticed a dramatic improvement when I applying rubbing alcohol to clean off bacteria and other pollutants. To get result quickly, mix rubbing alcohol with tea tree oil as home remedy to cure pimples. Use an organic toner after that. Keep in mind, for people with sensitive skin, rubbing alcohol can cause liver poisoning, resulting in nausea and dizziness.

3. Garlic, garlic
Garlic has been used throughout recorded history for both cooking and medicinal purposes. It’s one of the most valuable foods on the planet. I have made Garlic Chicken for years, and I can say I can say about this chicken is OH-MY-GAWD! Garlic, as a powerful natural medicine, has antibacterial properties, it could be useful in relieving uncomfortable psoriasis outbreaks. It’s simple to use for acne, what you need to do is just smash the garlic, put the garlic juice on the pimple area and leave it for few minutes. Have you ever tried this? Would you? (More home remedies from my sister’s blog: http://www.pimplestap.com)

4. Water and Diet
Instead of spending much money on expensive skin care products and drugs, how about balance your diet with more fresh fruits and vegetables? Fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients that can be helpful for you skin health and overall health. Increasing the amount of water you drink (8 glasses of water a day) and strictly for 7-10 days, you will be surprised the difference on your skin. Add lemon to water in the morning helps kickstart the digestion process for the day.

5. Less Makeup
Girls understand the he importance of looks for any kind of occasions. On average, it takes girls 20 minutes to put on makeup for work in the morning (You see, I’m an all-the-time makeup sort of girl), I love makeup, I love the feeling that put on some products on my face- they make me feel more comfortable in the skin. However, makeup clogs your pores and can definitely aggravate acne or make acne worse. Not all products cause acne, avoid irritant-loaded formulas is critical for everyone.

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