My Experience With Back Pain

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Mercy is a 34 year old woman who got back pain just after she got her secretary desk job. She could recall at times when she felt pain in her upper back. What she used to feel was twinges but due to her ignorance she never gave the pain attention. After subsequent few days the pain gradually started peeking and had to take alternatives to ease the pain. She ended up lying down on her back randomly to relief the pain.

Mercy was doing well although her overweight was becoming a major problem. Keep in mind that she had experienced back pains before although it had never succumb her up to a medical attention care. She participated in sports, mostly table tennis (does not require much movement) where she used to train her daughter. Due to the everyday siting in the office, the pain continued to grow.

Mercy reached a point where she thought she needed to be scanned but all she needed was simple exercises and little change to the monotonous life style. After several assessments and diagnosis she was revealed that her sitting habits were influenced by the job. Which led to the back pain occurring. Her overweight was another reason for her back pain. She had no problems in bending but when she woke up she would feel pain on her back.

She also had poor eating habits. She ate a lot of fries per day which are the major cause of inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the body mechanism fights excess foreign substance such as sugary substance and excess fats. When chronic results occur during body defensing, inflammation takes place which results to back pains.

She was later enrolled in program that would help her relief her back pain with a inversion table.

She was first advised to take a break from her daily job. The job was constantly increasing her pain and she needed a break if she wanted to reduce the pain. Due to her exceeded pain, she was helped by an instructor who prescribed special movements that would not make her feel pain at first.

Studying the spine movement. She was later referred to lessons on how to sit properly and good standing posture. Proper diagnosis of spine movement was done so as to prescribe proper and correct exercise. She did the exercises thrice a week.

Bending and lifting. She started conducting excessive exercises where she involved muscles as to improve the strength.

Now after few periods of the previous exercises, she had developed more strength and control. The only thing remaining was for Mercy to enhance on sportsmanship as this would help her in fitness. She used to play table tennis but she was introduced to hockey and marathon racing. The main aim was to reduce the weight that she had gained in her monotonous life style.
After frequent repetition of exercises she reduced her weight by ten kilograms by one month. She also took part in seminars where she encouraged other people who had problem like hers. She is now sixty kilograms from ninety kilograms.

She lives with her daughter now and she has never experienced back pain again.

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