Burger Madness

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Today’s breakfast: Two slices of whole wheat toast (extra fiber bread). Once slice with the Dark Chocolate Dreams spread and banana slices, the other slice with a smidge of butter and Crofters Raspberry preserves. Love it!

I was hoping for a more interesting lunch today, but as luck had it, I got a call from Izzy’s school just before 8am (about 20 min after dropping her off) that she had gotten sick and I had to come to get her. So I went to my meeting at work and immediately after, went home to stay with her so my husband could get back to work. After feeding her some saltines and sprite, I set up my computer and began working from the kitchen table. Thus, lunch consisted of a turkey sandwich with 1 slice of swiss cheese on an Arnold Sandwich thin, some red pepper slices with a small amount of fat free ranch dressing, and a handful of yogurt covered raisans.

Tonight was supposed to be dance night, but due to Izzy’s illness, she skipped it. Dance nights always means quick dinners, and I had already gotten out ground bison for burgers. So, using the ground bison, I made up some patties. Mixed the bison with 1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup mix, some S+P, egg whites, garlic powder, and a dash of worchestchire sauce. The burgers were served on an Arnold’s Sandwich thin rather than a regular hamburger bun. On the side, we did sweet potatoe chips sprinkled with a small amount of brown sugar and cinnamon and dipped in a side of honey – delicious!!!

burger 1

burger 2

burger 3

burger 4

As a special drink, I made a “mocktail” – some Sprite Zero with pomengranate juice. Yum!

burger 5

After dinner was chores and errands. Ran out to pick up some things for this weekend (easter candy!!) and when we got home, cleaned up the house because….my parents are coming tomorrow night!!!

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