Are You On The Defense?

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I recently heard the saying, “There are millions of people out there, just waiting to be offended.” Who is offended and who are we defending? We defend ourselves because we see ourselves as separate, like the ego does, and therefore, as something to protect! This is the same as taking something personal. Do you do that? Being on the defensive is the first act of war because it immediately is like putting up a block in front of your face, enticing the person who offended you to answer back. When both parties are communicating with blocks in front of their face in order to protect themselves, not only will they not be able to see the damage they are doing to another person verbally or emotionally, but they lose the heart-to-heart connection, and no longer see their eyes, which is the window to the soul. Next time you are fighting with someone, attempt to make direct, meaningful eye contact. It will be evident that they are on the defensive, with the imaginary block up over their face and heart, as they will tell you they can’t look at you and refuse. And that’s because literally and metaphorically, they can’t see you; they’re defenses are blocking them from seeing clearly. Master Yoda said, “You will only find what you bring in.”

What are you bringing to a disagreement? Are you responding with fear based reactions or with love? It is the ego in you that sees the ego in me, and the divine in you sees the divine in me, for what we see outside of us must first exist inside of us! When we are defending ourselves, we are defending our ego and we are recognizing our opponent’s ego, too. When we respond with love, we are literally transforming from ego reaction to divine recognition, transforming from a lower state of consciousness to a higher one. Even in the example above, the Buddha with the pink polka-dot ensemble is responding with love because love exists within them, and situations draw that love out of them. Wayne Dyer illustrated this beautifully with a metaphor of squeezing an orange. The orange is us, and when pressure is put on us, what comes out is exactly what is inside of us, just as we would get orange juice when the orange is squeezed. Looking at this deeper, we can see there is a level of understanding here that outside events are not something we control, and it brings us back to the fact that all we have control over is ourselves; our own response!

Regardless of the severity of other people’s actions, it is indefinitely up to us, to either engage in power struggles, or to rise above with LOVE.

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